Sept 21 – 22 2019 – The CPA was located in the Connecticut Building for The Big E!

By far the most popular items were the dinner egg recipe cards, here is a sample of what was given out:

March 20 2019 – The CPA’s table at the 2019 AG Day at the State Capitol!

March 2 2019 – Mike Pennington-Martel presents an educational seminar on raising backyard poultry.  This was his first one since taking over as Secretary when Dr. Darre retired.  Ellington Agway was a great host and we had 30+ people show up even with some snow falling.  You can find a copy of the presentation by clicking HERE.   

Jan 15 2019 Update – Here is a sneak peak!  The first of 5 videos we will be sharing –

Chef Joel Gargano and Coastal Connecticut Magazine recently filmed an all day cooking demo featuring fowl and eggs. This was funded and setup by the CPA and is currently in production! We hope to have some wonderful videos to share within the next month or two, so be on the lookup! Here are a couple behind the scenes pictures care of Coastal Connecticut Magazine. Thank you to the Incredible Egg (American Egg Board) for funding this project! (Nov 2018)

The Connecticut Poultry Association being represented on Nov 2 2018 at Foxwoods.  SNACT held their 69th Industry Food and Trade Show!! Looking good!! 

CPA’s Chick Hatching Booth at the 2018 Woodstock Fair!!

Click here for our 2018 AG Day recipes and see some pictures from the event below!

You’re Incredible Because… 2018 Contest

The American Egg Board is seeking nominations for the ‘You’re Incredible Because…’ contest. One ‘Incredible Kid’ will be awarded $2,500, plus a matching donation to their school, a fun prize pack and an eggsclusive spotlight on and social channels!

Whether it’s fundraising for a charity, helping other kids at school, volunteering for community projects or simply inspiring others with acts of kindness, we want to know about the incredible kids at your school! Are they…

  • Kind to others?
  • Helpful to classmates?
  • Eager to volunteer in the community?
  • Philanthropic?
  • Entrepreneurial to benefit those in need?

For more information on the contest and entry details go to

Ask all of the adults submitting entries to ‘You’re Incredible Because…’ to use your school name in ALL CAPS on the submissions.

Thank you!